About us


In 2010 we started our path with a punch of farmers, who had a different mindset from the status quo. These farmers grew their animals with respect and an understanding of the correlation between animal welfare and quality of meat. In addition it was unacceptable for us then, that only a few per cent of the animal got realized for its potential and the rest was left for sausage. Further more we saw a great issue on the effect intensive farming has on the environment. Acknowledging these fundamental positions, these farmers decided to collude, to freshen the principles of animal production and to change the trends of beef consumption.  


Today Liivimaa Lihaveis connects around 90 farmers, who have great love and respect for nature. Our common desire is to grow happy cattle in their inherent environment - strolling around the great grasslands. The baltic area does not have high mountains nor deep lakes, but we do have grasslands more divers than any rainforests, containing more than 70 species per square meter. So it is our burden to rightfully sustain and cherish these lands. Relying on this purpose, Liivimaa Lihaveis has created a governmentally certified quality scheme - ensuring welfare of the animals and sustaining the biodiversity on our diverse grasslands. Moreover every single member is certified organic producer.  


Not only do we stand for the welfare of the animals, but we also advocate for a sustainable agricultural policies. Our biggest aim is for the farmers to get what they deserve and that their voice is respected and listened in the highest governmental organizations. Liivimaa Lihaveis also has many joint operations with different NGOs to keep the biodiversity of our nature and to keep the country life alive.  


Ethical meat is a big part of our ideology - a great roll in having great meat is played by the consumer. Our cattle only eats grass and if its diet consists of tens of different spices, we can be sure that this variety can also be met in the taste of the meat. Cattle that has been grown on the diverse grasslands of Estonia most certainly has the best and the strongest tasting meat. Further more grass-fed beef has the best health and dietary qualities that our food can have.