Quality scheme

Quality scheme “grass-fed” promotes the grazing of Angus, Hereford, and Simmental breed cattle in organic-certified farms. Throughout the grazing period, animals under the scheme must be on pastured on grassland, during winter cattle must have the freedom to move freely. On the summer period, cattle are grazed on land of which 50% is permanent grassland. On the winter period, animals must be provided a dry and clean place to sleep, water and enough hay and silo for every separate age group. Feeding any grain to the cattle is disallowed.

Quality scheme “grass-fed” implies that bulls are realized before the age of 24 months, heifers, and oxes before the age of 30 months. The required carcass weight is between 250 and 300 kilos, conformation class O and R and fat class from 1 to 4.

The scheme sees a correlation between happy cattle and quality beef, therefore the aim is to grow cattle in their natural environment, where cattle can have their natural diet.

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